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Alumni | Bell TowerOctober 04, 2023

Class Notes

Class Notes


Greg Pair Sr., 鈥77, is retired in Fort 花季视频.


Anne Mourney, 鈥80, received two bachelor's degrees at the University of 花季视频 at Fayetteville, then obtained her law degree. 


Rebekah Lowery, 鈥96, was indicted into the 花季视频 Athletics Hall of Fame along with her 鈥94-鈥95 Westark National Champion basketball teammates. 

Anna Engelbrecht, 鈥92, works at The New School in New York.


Angela Flake, 鈥09, an award-winning book author and motivational speaker, recently published her first children鈥檚 book.

Brandon Vick, MD, 鈥09, opened his own practice, VickMD, PLLC, in August 2022.

Shannon Morgan, 鈥02, earned a new certification: Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute.

Lindsey Steiger-Muck, PMP, 鈥09, has been promoted to senior director for career services at the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of 花季视频 at Fayetteville.

Mendy Reints, 鈥05, began working for the IRS in Fort 花季视频 in June 2006.

Nancy Young, 鈥02, is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of 花季视频 at Fayetteville. She won the Best Literature Review Kaleidoscope Poster Award at the Teacher Education Division conference in 2021, and she participated in the Council for Exceptional Legislative Summit to advocate for support for mental health in schools.

Aaron Geppelt, 鈥01, works at Aurora Flight Science in Utah.

Clorissa Prince, 鈥08, worked several management positions until she became a judicial education specialist in the Administrative Office of the Courts while pursuing a master鈥檚 degree in legal studies at Trinity Law School. She accepted an administrator role for the 花季视频 Supreme Court鈥檚 Commission on Children, Youth, and Families in Maumelle.

Jeremy Wann, 鈥09, is an adjunct professor in the 花季视频 College of Business. 


Ryan Green, 鈥18, is starting a new position as Service Center Manager in Joplin, Missouri.

Lynette Thrower, 鈥19, presented an interactive art project at Arkansalsa in Springdale in late October.

Lisa Roam, 鈥13, welcomed Cooper Tomas Roam into the world on Aug. 17, 2022.

Bailee, 鈥19, and Micha Crenshaw welcomed their daughter Chandler Sage into the world on Aug. 18, 2022.

Tim Walthall, 鈥13, is a process engineer at Detex Corporation in New Braunfels, Texas.

Ashley, 鈥18, and Bert, 鈥15, Solis opened in Rogers.

Peyton Oldridge, 鈥19, accepted a proposal from Garrett Wilson, 鈥22.

RC Sims, 鈥17, started a new position as Senior Financial Analyst at Mercy. He and Stephanie Long, 鈥19, got engaged in June.

Dusan Stojanovic, 鈥16, started a new position as the Associate Portfolio Manager at Cadence Bank.

Meagan Meyer,鈥15, was accepted into the Master of Social Work program at Missouri State University. She began working as a graduate assistant in January 2023. She also was married on Sept. 30, 2022.

Zack, 鈥15, and Tiffany Gramlich, 鈥17, welcomed Bonnie Lynn Gramlich into the world on Dec. 23. 

Kristen, 鈥18, and Remington Pate, 鈥18, welcomed their second son, Brody Dean Pate, on Jan. 16, 2023.

Brad Turner, 鈥17, accepted a new position as territory account manager at EqipmentShare.

Ntxuzone Yang, 鈥18, started a new position as a maintenance supervisor at ABB.

Payton Efurd, 鈥18, accepted a promotion to manager of benefit plans at ArcBest.

Chadd Sheffield, 鈥10, accepted a promotion to manager of solution development at ArcBest.

Katie Hug, 鈥14, accepted a promotion to senior enterprise project manager at ArcBest Technologies.

Ryan McMahan, 鈥11, started a new position as enterprise sales executive at J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.

Teddy Sexton, 鈥18, passed the CPA exam.

Jordan Hatwig, 鈥18, was promoted to project manager at ArcBest, where she has been employed since 2019.

Spencer Mears, 鈥16, started a new position as an associate financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services in Fort 花季视频.

Carl Husley, 鈥15, began a new position as marketing director at Crosslake Technologies in Chicago.

Maddie (Gilliam) Stojanovic, 鈥18, accepted a new position at ArcBest as a corporate social responsibility analyst in November.

Blake Hansen, 鈥14, was promoted to manager II for rail operations at JB Hunt last December.

Cambrie Gash, 鈥18, started a new position as an account executive with GDH Complete Workforce Solutions in their Northwest 花季视频 office.

Josiah Cotner, 鈥12, accepted a new position as a senior accountant at Hubbs & Whitehead CPAs in November.

Evan Piche, 鈥11, began a new position as a senior corporate recruiter at Paycom last December.

Brittany Christian, 鈥14, started a new position as a stagehand at Ozark Productions Inc.

Minzhi Chen, 鈥15, recently graduated from the AICPA Leadership Academy.

Matthew Farrar, 鈥15, obtained the Coupa Sustainable Business Spend Management from Coupa Software.

Sean Laney, 18, started a new position in critical freight sales with MoLo Solutions.

Krystina Israel, 鈥12, started a new position as director of growth and operations at Valley Family Dental.

Bahna Walton, 鈥19, is an accountant with Tradition Management LLC in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Salinna Buyers, 鈥18, started a new position as senior technical recruiter for Planet Technology in Dallas.

Maria Vines, 鈥19, is now a clinical specialist at Abbot in Little Rock.

Haley Branum, 鈥17, was promoted to marketing manager at Global Partners LP in Newton, Massachusetts.

Ricky Hernandez, 鈥15, was promoted to Vice President of Human Resources at Metova Inc. 

Catherine, 鈥16, and Tyler Noetzol, 鈥17, welcomed their daughter Blakely Rose into the world.

Tamara Tateosian, 鈥12, is working towards her Institute of Management certification for Chamber Executives with graduation in August 2023 and Missouri Certified Economic Development certification, from which she tested out in June 2023.

Dylan, 鈥15, and Elyse Karber welcomed Grayson Richard Karber into the world on Dec. 3.

Tamara Tateosian, 鈥12, is working towards her Institute of Management certification for Chamber Executives with graduation in August 2023, and she expects to test out of the  Missouri Certified Economic Development certification in June 2023.

Jennifer Broyles, 鈥16, welcomed Cameron Blake into the world in March 2022.

Meagan Bowling-Fudge, 鈥12, was appointed to the Women鈥檚 Foundation of 花季视频 Board of Directors. She celebrated 9 years at the University of 花季视频 - Fort 花季视频. She has been appointed to the Keep 花季视频 Beautiful Foundation Board of Directors.

Margaret Hominick, 鈥13, teaches in the WATC LPN program under the direction of Frankie Allred and Amanda Seidenzahl.

Quade Moore, 鈥16, and Rebekah Tanner, 鈥15, will wed on Oct. 21, 2023.

Holley Maness, 鈥19, became a doctor of pharmacy in June. 

Jessica Day, 鈥10, marked her 13th year of teaching in August. She is happily married and has three children.

Cody 花季视频, 鈥12, is a sales manager at Crain Hyundai, in Fort 花季视频.

Ryan Downs, 鈥12, is a partner at Phelps LaClair PLC law firm in Mesa, Arizona. 

Daniel Fudge, 鈥12, has been appointed to the Keep 花季视频 Beautiful Foundation. 

Katie (Brown) Burgess, 鈥17, is the coordinator of Instructional Design and Academic Support at Oklahoma State University.


Ariana Allard, EA, CPA, 鈥20, passed all four sections of the CPA exam.

Nicole Cagle, 鈥20, accepted a promotion at ArcBest to the position of manager compensation.

Joshua Scott, 鈥21, joined Butterball LLC as a management trainee.

Guadalupe (Zepeda-Hernandez) Ayala, 鈥20, joined the Crawford County Prosecuting Attorney鈥檚 office as the victim witness coordinator in January 2023.

Shunta Childress, 鈥22, accepted a new position as a customer development specialist with Supply Pike in northwest 花季视频. 

Scott David, 鈥21, was promoted to customer service manager at ArcBest Technologies in January.

Oliver Perez, MBA, 鈥20, was promoted to senior transportation supervisor at Tyson Foods in January 2023.

Daisy Reyna-Roberts, 鈥21, got married in November of 2022.

Andrew and Brandi Lorenz, 鈥21, welcomed their second son on Jan. 19, 2023.

Jordan Davis, 鈥20, began the Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics at the University of Maryland at Baltimore, planning to graduate in 2024.

Susan Miller Webster, 鈥21, has welcomed her first great-grandchild into the world and is a substitute teacher and bus aide for FSPS.

Kellie Lindsay, 鈥21, is one of seven people chosen nationwide by Gallup for their prestigious summer research program. 

Bao Ha, 鈥22, was promoted to cash exceptions coordinator at ArcBest, where he started as a student worker in 2020.

Rachel Williams, 鈥20, was promoted to Weekend Evening Anchor at 5News in June 2023.

Juwann Davis, 鈥21, is a substitute teacher mainly in grades 6-12 in Fort 花季视频. 

Lynna Luff, 鈥21, who had a baby in November 2022, is a laboratory technician in urinalysis toxicology in Fayetteville.



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