C. Weber Wagner


Now Available -- Murder on Ceres, a novel of murder and intrigue that follows Ceres Colony Police Detective Rafael Sirocco from a mining colony in the Main Asteroid Belt into Space and finally to Earth.

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"Murder on Ceres is a perfect blend of mystery and science fiction - all the fun stuff I love best. This is a terrific read and the introduction of a terrific character."
New York Times bestselling author of the Ben Kincaid series


"Murder on Ceres transports the reader to a different time and place while introducing characters that are truly human when it comes to love and hate, good and evil."
Retired Librarian

In space, anything can happen. Rafe Sirocco, an intelligent, by-the-book detective, thinks he has his life under control. Successful in his job with the Ceres Colony Police Department and happily married to his newly pregnant wife, Rafe prepares for his first ever trip to Earth. But humans are still humans and murder happens. Balancing the demands of his job and his responsibilities to his family, Rafe investigates the suspicious death of a Consortium accountant. Suicide? Overdose? Homicide?

Nothing – not his upcoming trip to Earth, not his independent and fiery wife – will keep him from the case. Through a whirlwind of illicit drugs, space pirates, and secret identities, Detective Rafe Sirocco chases the truth all 266,000,000 miles from the shining cylinder of Ceres Colony to the alien landscapes of Earth. But will he make it in time to save the one person that matters to him most? 

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